Welcome Assurant Health Policyholders!

Good news: your benefits are about to make sense!

Patient Care is an advocacy service that is completely independent, confidential and free to you. This service is brought to you through your plan with Assurant Health.

We assist with medical, dental, vision, flexible spending account (FSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) and health savings account (HSA) benefits.

Your Advocate will:

  • Answer questions about your benefits
  • Explain and educate on how to best use your benefits
  • Resolve claims and billing issues
  • Clarify the total and out-of-pocket costs for services
  • Fix claim problems
  • Assist with pre-authorization
  • Help with appeals

Saving money on health care makes sense!

View a short clip on Patient Care’s services for Assurant Health policyholders here.

Call Patient Care to get cost and quality information before you have an outpatient
procedure or diagnostic test. See example below:

Procedure Ear Tube Insertion
Facility A B C
Total Price $9,000 $3,600 $12,000
Total Member
$1,400 $600 $1,900

Call your Advocate at 800-305-0377

Click HERE for an Authorization Form (fax or mail back to Patient Care Privacy Office).